Get Your Financial House in Order with the InterestingMoney Finance Tracker

Tired of wondering where all your money is going? Want an easy way to determine your monthly savings rate? Then it’s time to take charge of your monetary life and get your financial house in order. Mr. IM is here to help. The Finance Tracker The IM Finance Tracker – Google Drive Link Features include budgets for fixed and [...] Read more

In Praise of Free, Open-Source Software

At the beginning of this Holiday season, I’d like to offer my thanks and gratitude for the following free, open-source software projects without which my life would be much less productive and fulfilling. That I am able to use these applications to get things done in my life at a total cost of zero dollars is a blessing, and I offer my humble [...] Read more

Using KeePass to Manage Your Financial Account Information

Before I begin extolling the virtues of KeePass, allow me to explain why I think a password manager is worthwhile. After I wrote the previous article, an irate reader seemed hell-bent on pounding into my head that ALL my ideas were dumb and that people only need pencil and paper to manage all financial account information. Give me a break. Sure, [...] Read more