Revealed! The IM Family’s 2014 Spending and Income

Wow, what a year. I didn’t post that much during 2014, but I’m still here. The year 2014 was an eventful year in many ways, both good and bad. For the bad news, my father was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer, and while it has spread to his liver, he has responded pretty well to chemotherapy. He could be here for a few more years, or his life [...] Read more

Revealed! The IM Family’s 2013 Spending and Income

A new level of frugality One year ago – as part of a New Year’s declamation – I challenged myself to throw down the gauntlet and track every penny flowing in and out of my wallet. Since I garnered an interest in money back in 2007, I’ve tried to live a generally frugal lifestyle. However, tracking every transaction was something I had never done [...] Read more

New Year Challenge: Track All Spending for a Year

The time has come for me to throw down the gauntlet and issue a challenge to myself. Don’t call it a resolution – the timing as it relates to the new year is merely a coincidence, as I’ve been thinking about this for many months now. Still, the timing is impeccable as a year is an easy-to-measure chunk, so if you insist on calling it a resolution, [...] Read more