My Tax-Advantaged Investment Portfolio – August 2012

Previously I posted the content of my taxable investment portfolio. In that same spirit, it’s now time to sneak a peek inside my tax-advantaged accounts. Here’s how everything looks as of August 2012. Roth IRA – Through Schwab Current allocation: 70% Stocks / 30% Bonds If one uses the age-in-bonds method to derive asset allocation, then the [...] Read more

My Taxable Investment Portfolio – August 2012

For the past few weeks I’ve been writing articles in which I started fantasizing planning for an early retirement. You can read those articles here: Part I – Setting a Budget Part II – Determine Your Retired Living Expenses Part III – Build Your Income Streams Especially in Part III, I discussed building a portfolio of passive investments with the [...] Read more

Opening a Roth IRA with No Minimum

You’ve likely heard about all the benefits of having a Roth IRA, and you want to take advantage of that tax-free growth. But what if you’re a college student working part time, or just started your first job and don’t have the thousands of dollars required to open a Vanguard or Fidelity account? Is it possible to open a Roth IRA with no minimum, [...] Read more

The Credit Crisis Explained in 11 Minutes

I just ran across this fascinating video. Created by Jonathan Jarvis, the video breaks down the credit/mortgage crisis in under twelve minutes. Sure, there’s some simplification involved, but it all ultimately boils down to one disgusting word anyway – GREED. Take a coffee break and watch this. It’s worth it.

The Great Portfolio Pummeling of 2008

A New Year is upon us. At the end of a year, I normally have feelings of pensiveness and of reflective nostalgia about the year past and the inexhaustible marching forward of time. This time, not so much. Sure, I still have those nostalgic feelings on a personal level, but economically, I’m ready to kick 2008 to the curb. As painful as it is, here [...] Read more