Revealed! The IM Family’s 2014 Spending and Income

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Me, apparently, after such rampant spending this year.

Wow, what a year. I didn’t post that much during 2014, but I’m still here. The year 2014 was an eventful year in many ways, both good and bad. For the bad news, my father was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer, and while it has spread to his liver, he has responded pretty well to chemotherapy. He could be here for a few more years, or his life could end in the next few months. One never knows. Life is a precious, fleeting thing.

Also on the bad-news front, my son – who is now two years old – was diagnosed early in 2014 with a visual disability called congenital nystagmus. Basically, his eyes twitch back and forth involuntarily, and while the condition is not tremendously debilitating, it will affect his vision for the rest of his life. Back in October he had a surgery (called the modified Kestenbaum-Anderson surgery for those interested) to improve his eyesight by moving his eye muscles in order to center his “best” vision straight in front of him. Time will tell how effective it was, but we’re optimistic.

On to good news: my wife and I had another child this year, a little girl this time. In a sense, we’re living the dream: a married couple owning a house with a two-car garage out in the suburbs, two kids (a boy and girl), and a white-picket fence. Just kidding about that last part. Our fence is made out of flimsy pine wood. Overall, we feel like we have now replaced ourselves, and (at the moment) do not plan to have any more children. We’ll see. Continue reading

Finance Tracker: April 2014

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For educational and entertainment purposes, each month during 2013 and 2014 I am posting detailed information about my monthly spending and expenditures. April 2014 turned out to be slightly more expensive than average, yet the income side was far higher than normal.

If you are interested in tracking your finances down to the penny, you should try my astounding IM Finance Tracker spreadsheet. It’s free!

And now let’s see the April 2014 numbers:

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Finance Tracker: March 2014

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Once again I find myself late to the party on this one. Here it is early June and I have neglected to post both my March, April, and May updates. What a sorry blogger I am. That will soon be rectified.

March saw both higher income than usual and higher expenses. If you are interested in tracking your finances down to the penny, you should try my stupendous IM Finance Tracker spreadsheet. It’s free!

And now let’s see the March 2014 numbers:

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Finance Tracker: February 2014

February WallpaperMarch is here, which means it’s time to tally up the numbers for February. Last month was more expensive than usual for us; February was cheaper than average, which makes me happy. As usual I track all our expenses and income using my earth-shattering and revolutionary IM Finance Tracker spreadsheet. What are you waiting for? Give it a shot!

And now let’s see the February 2014 numbers:

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Finance Tracker: January 2014

January 2014 wallpaperOK, so I’m late to the party on this one. I deliberated whether or not to continue this Finance Tracker series for 2014, but in the end decided it’s worthwhile to do so. I hope you agree. If you’re new to this series, every month I keep track of all numbers related to my income and expenses. The results are revealing, at least to me, and I encourage you to try something similar, even just for a month. That way there are no more doubts about where your money is really going. For a template, you can use my badass IM Finance Tracker spreadsheet.

For 2014 I have incorporated one minor change: the Income section will now reflect my pre-tax HSA and 403b contributions. That way I only need to post a single savings rate percentage at the end, unlike last year. And without further ado, let’s do the January 2014 numbers:

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Revealed! The IM Family’s 2013 Spending and Income

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A new level of frugality

One year ago – as part of a New Year’s declamation – I challenged myself to throw down the gauntlet and track every penny flowing in and out of my wallet. Since I garnered an interest in money back in 2007, I’ve tried to live a generally frugal lifestyle. However, tracking every transaction was something I had never done before. Would it make a difference in our household spending, or would it just be a complete pain in the ass? Continue reading

Finance Tracker: December 2013

December 2013 Wallpaper

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from InterestingMoney! January 1st marks the successful completion of one full year of tracking every detail of my finances. One year ago I decided to throw down the gauntlet and publicly accept the challenge of manually tracking my financial life. What’s the verdict? I’ve found that not only is tracking every penny that flows in and out of my wallet rather revealing, it’s also addicting! I plan to continue doing so for the foreseeable future, and soon, dear reader, you can expect an end-of-the-year-summary-post.

As always, I use my amazing IM Finance Tracker spreadsheet to record all of these details. Give it a try!

Without further ado, let’s do the December 2013 numbers:

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