A Household Alcoholic Reformation

Image credit: Dennis Wilkinson

Image credit: Dennis Wilkinson

At the IM household, the alcohol tends to flow freely. Starting back in 2007, when we were both in graduate school, my wife and I began a tradition: every Friday evening, we would unwind after dinner by splitting a bottle of red wine, talking and enjoying each other’s company by candlelight. These evenings would usually unfold over 2-3 hours and were almost always accompanied by music, games of backgammon, fine cheese (or homemade bread), and conversation that solved all the world’s problems. These “wine nights” were therapeutic for us, and we happily kept up this weekly tradition through most of 2009, occasionally substituting craft beer for the red wine.

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6-Month Baby Update – A Quick Note on Challenges and Costs

Baby IM at six monthsSix months ago our little baby boy was born. In many ways, these have been both the longest and shortest six months of my life. My wife and I have laughed together, cried together, and marveled as we watched him progress from a crying, pooping paperweight to a somewhat-mobile, somewhat-interactive sleep-fighting machine. At six months, he has begun to show signs of a developing personality, an insatiable curiosity, and even a sense of humor. Baby laughs are one of the most precious and endearing sounds imaginable. Continue reading

Achievement Unlocked: Parenthood

Last week I finally met the boy of my dreams.

Baby IM

 As I type this, he’s sleeping in my arms. When I first laid eyes on this little guy, I knew that I would live and die for him, moving heaven and earth all the while. A wise man once told me that you don’t fully hit maturity until you become a parent – I now fully understand the weight of his words, though in my case, waiting until my early thirties to become a father certainly lessened the impact of the transition.

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Oh, Baby!

Baby Fruit Basket

This baby is delicious.

OK, time for some news. I must have managed to do something right, because Mrs. IM is pregnant! 🙂

A few months ago (I’ve been sitting on the news out of a sense of cautious optimism), I came home from work and heard my wife say that one, short, completely life-altering sentence: “I’m pregnant.” Needless to say, my world was suddenly completely upended. I remember walking around as if in a daze. I had trouble sleeping. Something tipped off my colleagues when I locked myself out of my office for the third time within a week! 🙂

I’m thrilled. And terrified. And petrified. And not sure what to think. In other words, I’m behaving like any red-blooded male after hearing those words. Continue reading