Credit Card Solicitations, Professional Accounts, and the WSJ

Here’s another chance to get your name in lights as part of an article in the Wall Street Journal. The same reporter who left a comment seeking feedback regarding Citi’s introduction of a $60 annual fee to many of their credit cards is now seeking feedback for a similar topic. Jessica, a reporter for the WSJ, writes in:

I wondered (since it worked so well last time) if you could put up another post on your site for me. I am looking for people who have regular consumer credits cards and have been solicited by credit card companies to open a small business or professional card. Would it be possible for you to post that? I again can be contacted via email or at (212) 416-2665.

The reason I am interested in this is because professional and small business cards don’t carry the same protections as individual cards. We know that banks are increasing their small business and professional card mailings to US households so if any one got these come-ons, that would be great to know!

So it appears that banks are exploiting a loophole in the regulation by increasing small-business or “professional” card upgrades. If you’ve received one of these mailings, the WSJ wants to hear from you!

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