Savings Rate Wiki – Facelift

In thinking of ways to make updating the Savings Rate APY Wiki a little easier, I decided to give it a full facelift. Take a look!

It now has better integration with the rest of the site. Plus, it’s hosted by Google Docs, meaning that making updates is as simple as editing a spreadsheet (no more deciphering of wiki syntax). There’s a ton of collaborative abilities built in, too, so if anyone wants to help keep it updated, just contact me. I’ll give you full editing access.

Add this Wiki to your Blog

Feel free to add this same savings Wiki to your site/blog. Here’s the code:

<iframe width='650' height='800' frameborder='0' src=''></iframe>

Just add that code to a new page or post on your blog to share this Wiki with your readers. Hint: be sure to switch to the HTML view if you use WordPress.


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