Coupon, Plus 173rd Carnival of Personal Finance

Diners rejoice! has a coupon for 80% off their restaurant gift certificates. Enter EIGHTY as the coupon code at checkout, and you can purchase a $25 gift certificate for only $2. Amazing.

Just enter your ZIP code to see participating restaurants in your area. I lucked out – one of my favorite breweries is in the list for my area, so I bought 4 gift cards ($100 value) for a whopping total of $8. The gift cards are immediately available for you to print.

The code expires on October 15, so act fast. Just be sure to read all the fine print. Most gift cards specify a required minimum spent, such as $35. Alcohol is usually not covered.

My wife and I took advantage of this deal tonight. We popped into ye old Pub and carefully planned our meal so that the total was about $37. With the gift card applied, we only paid about $12, plus tip. Nice! Hey, I even paid with my 5% cashback credit card!

In completely unrelated news, thanks to Ginger at Girls Just Wanna Have Funds for including my post on 7 Free and Simple Ways to Protect Your Privacy Online as part of the 173rd Carnival of Personal Finance.

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