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IM Mobile PreviewEver since I got my MOTO Q through the Sprint SERO plan, I occasionally find myself surfing the web and checking e-mail with it. I’ve since discovered that a lot of websites look TERRIBLE when viewed with a mobile browser. Yes, I’m ashamed to admit, my own website was one of those. 🙂

No longer! Gadget lovers, you can now read my latest entries by pointing your mobile browser to: (no www)

Don’t have a mobile browser? That’s ok. Go ahead and click that link in a regular browser. You will see a slick demo of exactly how the site appears on a mobile phone. There’s even an illustrious iPhone preview.

For those interested, I set up the mobile version using the free MoFuse service. Essentially, all you have to do to create a mobile version of your own blog is to create an account with them and give them a link to your RSS feed. They handle the rest, including automatic image resizing (no more horizontal scrolling).

MoFuse even has a revenue-sharing program. In exchange for their service, they split your AdMob or Mobile Adsense impressions in a 50/50 ratio. Considering that it only took me about 20 minutes to get my mobile site running, I’m fine with this.

There are a few other similar services available, such as Mippin Maker, but I ultimately went with MoFuse because I liked the resulting layout better. If you have a self-hosted website or blog, I encourage you to create a mobile version, no matter what method (or service) you choose to create it.

By the way, has a neat article on setting up an automatic Contacts and Calendar sync for Windows Mobile phones using Thunderbird and Google Calendar, all for free. It’s a fairly-intense setup, but it could save you a few hundred dollars if you dislike (or can’t afford) Microsoft Outlook.

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2 thoughts on “ Goes Mobile!

  1. Thanks for the mention even though you ultimately preferred the MoFuse layout. We’ll keep on improving hoping that you’ll use us in future. If you do (and if anyone at all does) you should know that there is no revenue share back to us. You keep 100%.

  2. Hey, Mippin, thanks for the comment. That’s very interesting about the revenue sharing, or the lack thereof. 🙂

    I’ll definitely keep you guys in mind for the future, as well as with my other sites.

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