128th Carnival of Personal Finance, plus Cyber Monday Apathy

Many thanks to Blain at StockTradingToGo for including my article on Opening a Roth IRA on a Budget in the 128th Carnival of Personal Finance. It’s the first time I’ve ever participated in a personal finance “carnival,” even though this site is now about eight months old.

I suppose I could greatly increase my traffic if I participated more, but I suppose that’s just not my style. I enjoy writing about personal finance, but I do it largely as a learning process for myself. I find that if I take time to write my thoughts, they become more clear than if they were just jumbled inside my head. Hopefully, my thoughts are useful to someone. 🙂

I am pleased to announce that Black Friday came and went, and I did not buy a single thing! In fact, I only crept out of my house to visit a grocery store in hopes of snagging a deal on a post-Thanksgiving turkey. No luck.

Now it’s Cyber Monday, and once again, I have a massive empty list of items to buy. Gosh, if the economy depended on people like myself, we would all be doomed!

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